Need Some New Tunes?

Let’s face it: if you listen to enough mainstream radio, you’ve probably heard Coldplay’s “Paradise” more than you care to admit. And while I think it’s a great song (not to mention a great band), it can be overplayed, and therefore lose its panache. This is why I’ve turned away from the radio for a while and instead went on a internet quest to find some lesser known, but still awesome, bands/artists.

1. Mirah

Mirah, or Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn, is a indie rock artist based out of San Francisco. Her lullaby sounds and young voice stray from the common heavy guitar-and-drums music we all hear today. She’s been making great music since 1999, and you may have heard her songs without even realising it! Ever watch American Horror Story? Her song, “Special Death”, was a featured theme in the show. She was also featured in a Jewish film that surrounded the music of the time. This girl has got it, for sure. (For those that like: Daughter, Florence + The Machine)

2.  Bedroom

An upcoming kid from Nashville, Noah Kittinger has got a career started as a indie/vibe remix sound. His latest EP, Toys, is a showcase of what you can expect from him. He lays down some reverb beats and his echoed vocals give it an airy and lax sound. One of his songs, “Concrete”, has me pushing the replay button for more.  They’re great beats to just lay out in the sun and listen to when the radio simply doesn’t do it. The kid even records the tracks in his bedroom, which, to say the least, means he has some sort of commitment. (Also, I’m assuming that’s where the stage name comes from.) Give it a listen. Or you can sue me if I got it wrong. (For those that like: Foals, Jesse Ruins)

3.  Twerps

This Melbourne band hasn’t put something out lately, but what they do have is totally rad. Their “California beach rock” sounds make it easy to listen to, and the songs are catchy. Their song, “Coast to Coast”, was featured on the website We Are Hunted as upcoming artists. Their other LP’s have a slow rock vibe to them, also like The Beatles back in their early years.  It’s taking old rock and bringing it up to the modern age. Good beats, young voice, great sound: this is Twerps. (For those that like:  The Cranberries, The Shins)

4.  Weird Dreams

This London jangly rock group certainly did give indie listeners a new thought when releasing their LP, Choreography.  It’s not every day (or perhaps more that we care to admit) that bands give a blissfully calm salute to Beelzebub in the aptly named song “666.66”. Aside any talk of cults, this is actually a rather good band.  Some key songs to hear are “Joan” and “Little Girl” (my current fave thus far).  They take rock and psychedelia and transform it into something to get lost in, so to speak. (For those that like: MGMT, Tame Impala)

5. Beirut

I have never really been a big fan of bright brassy sounds in most bands, simply for the reason that they sound so synthetic.  That being said, when I first heard “A Sunday Smile”, I couldn’t help but plaster a smile onto my face, as hypocritical as it seems.  The mix of “carnie” brass and rock undertones make this band something worth listening.  Zach Condon’s down-to-earth vocals are the reason why I listened; the music is the reason why I stayed. (For those that like: DeVotchka, Sufjan Stevens)

I could go on and on about all kinds of other worth bands and artists, but there’s no fun in that. Go explore some new tastes an expand that musical mind!

The band, Weird Dreams, in London. (NME)

The band, Weird Dreams, in London. (NME)


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