Change Is A Good Thing! — Snippet of News

It started out like any other normal Saturday morning: I wake up at an indecent hour, throw on some sweats, and get to work on some graphics I’m making. I then get on the Internet to check out the latest in news (important and otherwise).

I probably shouldn’t have done that last bit.

On Twitter, near the top of my feed, I see this headline:

#DoctorWho BREAKING NEWS: Matt Smith announces that he is to leave Doctor Who. 

I couldn’t believe it! One of my favourite Doctors was going to be regenerating! (If you didn’t catch this, non-Whovians, it means the current Doctor won’t be on anymore.)  I didn’t know what to say about it.

Then I realised that there is nothing to say about it. Nothing I say is going to convince Matt Smith to change his mind. This is a decision made for himself.  While others may engage in backlash, it’s necessary to note that the more one complains about it, the more obnoxious he/she becomes. It’s very unbecoming.

The Whoniverse was completely rocked by this piece of news, which prompted worldwide trends of “Matt Smith”  on Twitter, and countless tags of #RIPMattSmith littered on my news feed. (Folks, he’s not dead.)  I didn’t even bother to go on Tumblr, for fear of reblogged text posts might scare me as I scroll down my dashboard. (I eventually did.)

But all of this got me thinking about change. What makes people so resistant to change?

I believe (and this is an opinion — take it or leave it) that change is necessary to progress.  Without change, there wouldn’t be a TV show like Doctor Who, or things like advanced technology to detect cancer cells, or even transportation.  The car didn’t just end up like it is now because it was designed that way. It evolved through change. It evolved because someone wanted to make it easier and better for the public. That’s just what happens.

Even as we sit right now, we are changing: our bodies, our minds; even the way we type out words.  It’s an ongoing process that’s sure to stop when the world finally ends.  But even at that point, the universe will continue to change — I’m certain of it.

So before we jump off the deep end that is our emotions, keep this in mind: if we allowed someone to stay in a character we like for too long, would he be doing it for himself, or solely for his fans?



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