Launching the Twitter #music App

Let’s face it: there is music all around us. That’s not to be taken as cliche.  Indeed, we are surrounded by music anywhere we go — the store, the elevator, even sometimes in the shower when people sing — and it’s a big part of our lives as we function day-to-day.

But what happens when you get tired of the same old mainstream stuff? Well, you turn to the internet, of course! And Twitter has made it possible to get the most out of your music exploration experience by launching a Twitter #music app.

The website We Are Hunted (a site that I found great in my music explorations) has taken its platform and teamed up with Twitter to bring you music from your favourite artists, as well as showcasing the talent otherwise noted as “headliners”.  The concept is simple: sign in, link to your Twitter and music platform (Spotify or Rdio), and you’re set! There is an app for iPhone users, as well as a web-based app. Android users will have to wait a while to get their mobile access on it.

There are five components to this setup. One, the Popular section, is just that: the most tweeted or trending music on Twitter at the moment. You see your faves like Ellie Goulding, Macklemore, or Paramore. Two, the Emerging section, features some lesser-known bands/songwriters on Twitter. These are the people you want to check out if you’re looking for the new and unheard of stuff.  It features artists such as The Staves, Villagers, and Beach House. There are all sorts of sounds that will suit your fancy — spanning from pop to rock, electronica to vibin’ mix — and it’s only a click away.

The last three are more tailored to your tastes. The Suggested section is filled with artists that Twitter takes and compiles based on who you follow and to what you listen.  The #NowPlaying section is where you see tweets from artists that you follow, as well as your own. Since it’s fairly new, you may not see tweets just yet. But any tweet you make from the #music app will be seen by your followers, perhaps inspiring them to check out what you’re jamming. The Me section is your Twitter page, but only with the artists that you follow.

I love the variation that Twitter #music holds for listeners. For those who still are in the mainstream stage, they can still get their music from their favourite artists. But it’s also a great showcase for new music that may be tweeted about.  It can only be assumed that since music is tweeted and talked about on a daily basis, new music will be added to the lineup, allowing more exposure for other artists.

After giving this a listen for a while, I’ve picked ten songs that would be great to listen/jam/rock out to, based on what Twitter recommended.

1. Fence Sitter — Ball Park Music (@ballparkmusic)

2. Awayland — Villagers (@wearevillagers)

3. Holdin On — Flume (@flumemusic)

4. Facing West — The Staves (@thestaves)

5. Smoke Trails — Jackie Onassis (@JackieOnassis1)

6. Into The Wild — Lewis Watson (@levvis_)

7. Beta Love — Ra Ra Riot (@rarariot)

8. Without You — Lapalux (@Lapalux)

9. Ready To Go — Guards (@guardsmusic)

10. Scandalism — Alex Metric (@Alexmetric)

Jam on!


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